15 March, 2022

A sculpture of Putin sitting on the ship that ‚goes to f*ck itself’ has been installed on the Moscow Embankment in Budapest (PHOTO)

A sculpture of Putin sitting on the ship that ‚goes to f*ck itself’ has been installed on the Moscow Embankment in Budapest (PHOTO)

The sculpture was installed on Sunday, March 13. It was created by the Ukrainian artist, Mykhailo Kolodko, from Uzhhorod. Mr. Kolodko has been residing in Hungary for the past several years. He is mainly known for his smart mini sculptures.

The sculpture symbolized the already legendary phrase spoken by Ukrainian border guards on Snake Island. The phrase has become the symbol of Ukrainian resistance to the full-scale invasion launched on February, 24.

The sculpture consists of several parts: its central element is a middle finger with a signet ring in the form of the Ukrainian coat of arms – a blue shield with a gold trident. On its top a bronze element in the form of a Russian battleship is placed with Vladimir Putin sitting on it and going to ‚f*ck himself‘.

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So that everyone is clear on the interpretation of the sculpture, Mykhailo Kolodko has shared a photo of it via his Facebook account depicting the gesture of the hand.

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The sculpture has been installed on the Moscow Embankment of Budapest.

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It is worth noting that the front part of the Russian ship on the sculpture is done in the form of a bent cannon. This element is identical to the one created by Mykhailo Kolodko in another mini sculpture dedicated to the Hungarian uprising of 1956 which was violently quelled by the Soviet troops.

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The sculpture of the Russian ship with a bent cannon reading ‚Ruszkik Háza‘, the Hungarian for ‚Russians go home‘, was installed in 2017 on the Buda bank of Budapest right in front of the Hungarian parliament.

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It is no coincidence. It is a symbolic parallel between the events in Hungary and Ukraine with an over 50-year difference in time. Since the Revolution of Dignity in 2014 and especially after the full-scale invasion on February, 24, 2022, in the Hungarian public opinion the Russian attack on Ukraine has been directly associated with the uprisings in Hungary and its cruel suppression by the Soviet troops.

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Photo credit: Facebook account of Mykhailo Kolodko