16 August, 2021

What is Infopost.Media? Explanation in the details

What is Infopost.Media? Explanation in the details

Infopost.Media is social and political online media resource, which covers Ukraine’s national minorities and presenting them to the wide Ukrainian audience.

The resource will also present Ukraine to the national minorities with the aim of strengthening national dialogue and a sense of belonging as well as countering disinformation and other manipulations of ethnic issues in Ukraine. 

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The outlet will focus not only on topics that are usual for covering the life of national minorities.

InfoPost will also be covering societal, political, trans-border and international issues. 

In order to additionally promote inclusion the editorial office of InfoPost.Media will be generating content and analytics in different languages. Ukrainian, Hungarian, Slovak, Romanian and English will be the outlet’s working languages.

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Native speakers of these languages make up the editorial team of InfoPost.Media headed by Dmytro Tuzhanskyi. Apart from working as a consultant in the media sector, Mr. Tuzhanskyi has also been dealing with the issue of national minorities in Ukraine for the past 10 years. He has also been doing research on the world’s best practices regarding reconciliation and togetherness. In particular, Mr. Tuzhanskyi participated in the The International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) in 2019 and the Think Visegrad Fellowship in 2021.

– Our editorial office will be based in Uzhhorod. Not only have we brought together native speakers of different languages, we have also built a team whose members are experienced in cooperating with leading Ukrainian media and with the media representing Ukraine’s western neighbors. At the same time, we have authors from the Bukovyna region, Odessa, Kherson. We will be both an all-Ukrainian and a Central European outlet focusing on regional specifics.

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According to Mr. Tuzhanskyi, InfoPost.Media is planning to become a platform hosting sincere discussions as well as giving voice to those willing for a constructive dialogue about difficult issues.  

“Natural multiculturalism and polyethnicity, which are inherent to Ukraine, constitute a key precondition and key resources for strengthening democracy, promoting a sense of belonging among members of the community, for developing the country and forging a political nation. Multiculturalism and polyethnicity establish a close connection between Ukraine and Central Europe in particular and the democratic West in general. They constitute a synergy for internal reforms and for building bridges with the world. Unfortunately, since 2014 Russia has been releasing its direct and hybrid aggression against Ukraine by playing the “ethnical card” as a pretext and by positioning Ukraine’s multiculturalism as a weakness and vulnerability”, says Dmytro Tuzhanskyi, founder of the InfoPost.Media.

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“With the war entering its 8th year, Russia insists on claiming that it is protecting ethnical Russians and Russian-speaking population of Ukraine, the country that is beset by the civil war. Unfortunately, this Russian narrative is trusted not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. The absurdity of this claim can be proven by a mere fact that a considerable number of those 14 thousand victims of the war in Donbas are made up of ethnical Russians and Russian-speaking people who had been protecting Ukraine from Russian aggression. All ethnical groups (Hungarians, Romanians, Jews, Poles, Crimean Tatars and others) of Ukraine have fallen victim to Russian hybrid covert operations in recent years in Ukraine. Russia is striving to exploit the natural sensitivity of the ethnic question along with the difficult transition period of Ukrainian statehood in order to provoke internal conflicts in the country and to sow distrust. We should counter all these attempts. It should be done by not only all of us here in Ukraine, but also in cooperation with the civilized world. Not only is there a question of the Ukrainian statehood and its unity at hand. We are dealing here with a threat to the values and the common vision of the ethnic diversity as of richness, not as of a threat. Ukraine has to set an example of not only countering the Russian hybrid aggression, but also of implementing internal reforms and societal changes, tolerance and inclusion as integral parts of the modern Ukrainian political nation. Despite the complexity of these issues, InfoPost.Media will not be a boring or academic outlet. We are intent on providing you with audacious, enthralling and interactive content. We will be erecting bridges and building up trust”.

 InfoPost.Media has been launched by the team of the non-governmental organization “Institute for Central European Strategy” within the framework of the project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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