20 April, 2022

Slovak social networks talk about NATO biolab in Azovstal bunker

Slovak social networks talk about NATO biolab in Azovstal bunker

Anonymous users continue to spread pro-russian fakes about biolaboratories in Ukraine on Slovak social networks. This time, Ján Novák’s post, which is dedicated to pro-Kremlin disinformation, received 1.6 shares and about a thousand comments.

The user wrote that under the Azovstal plant there is an armored bunker with a biolaboratory, in which 240 foreign NATO officers are trapped. On the basis of this laboratory, biological weapons were allegedly tested, killing thousands of Mariupol residents.

Pictures of the bunker were also distributed by Russian Twitter users. This was reported by researchers of the Mediamonitoring project.

Безымянный 1

According to researchers, оne anonymous user’s publication contained many different pro-Russian narratives such as biological weapons in Ukraine, foreign administration, foreign mercenaries, and Ukraine’s long-standing preparations for war. The material is created on the principle of “the more nonsense, the more people will believe it.”

However, all its absurdity is refuted by a reverse image search on Google, which shows that the top-secret bunker under Azovstal is “in fact a visualization of a bunker in the United States, invented in the event of an apocalypse.” To emphasize the authenticity of the disinformers, they painted @savunmaisleri on the picture, which is used by the Turkish news agency, which specializes in advanced defense technologies.


Ця публікація доступна також українською: Словацькі боти стверджують, що в бункері під “Азовсталлю” знаходиться біолабораторія НАТО



Photo: Mediamonitoring