11 September, 2021

Only 15% of Ukrainians have a positive attitude towards Putin, 73% of the respondents approve of Merkel, with 64% approving of Biden

Only 15% of Ukrainians have a positive attitude towards Putin, 73% of the respondents approve of Merkel, with 64% approving of Biden

These results have been published by the authoritative sociological group “Rating” following a poll conducted from September 2 through September 4 on the attitude towards world politicians.

The results show that Ukrainians have a clear negative attitude towards the leaders of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko. Ukrainian are more loyal to European politicians are more loyal. However, not all of those politicians are known to the general public.

Thus, in particular, the most negative attitude of Ukrainian citizens goes to Vladimir Putin, who is “disliked” by 81% of Ukrainians. Only 15% have a positive attitude towards Russia’s President.

The attitude towards Alexander Lukashenko has deteriorated by 11 points over the past year, following the suppression of strikes and the imprisonment of opposition figures and journalists. If we conduct an analysis of the last few years, Lukashenko’s rating among Ukrainians has dwindled from 67 to 34%.


Among world politicians, Ukrainians give their most positive evaluation to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel (73% approving with 19% disapproving) and the American President Joseph Biden (64% approving with 19% disapproving). Their ratings are constantly fluctuating. Recently, the positive attitude towards Mr. Biden has increased, with Ms. Merkel having lost a few points.

Also among the evaluated candidates in the poll were political figures of the French President Emmanuel Macron, who was positively evaluated by 57%. 19% of the respondents do not approve of the French President, with another 23% being not sure about how to evaluate him. The Polish President Andrzej Duda received 54% of positive votes, 10% of the negative ones with 37% of the respondents being not sure about their evaluation.

Regarding civic activity in Ukraine, the visibility of the Crimean Platform project among Ukrainians has increased from 45% in April to 66% in September. This international coordination mechanism aims at putting the issue of Crimea back on the agenda, restoring the protection of human rights in Crimea as well as promoting the de-occupation of the peninsula.

Also, the surveyed Ukrainians are quite well aware of the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany bypassing Ukraine. 50% of the respondents are in the know about it with 31% having heard something about it and only 18% knowing nothing of it. Of those who know or have heard of the pipeline, 41% believe that Ukraine has not been offered any opportunity to stop its construction.

The research was conducted from September 2 through September 4 among the population of Ukraine aged 18+ in all oblasts, save for the temporarily occupied territories of Crimea and Donbas. The survey method was CATI (telephone interviews using a computer), based on a random sample of mobile phone numbers.

2,500 respondents were interviewed with the representativeness error being no more than 2%.


Photo credit: 24.hu, sociological group “Rating”