09 September, 2021

Figure of the day: Almost 21 thousand of Zakarpattians have gotten vaccinated in Hungary on special terms

Figure of the day: Almost 21 thousand of Zakarpattians have gotten vaccinated in Hungary on special terms

20 690 citizens of Ukraine residing in Ukraine have gotten vaccinated by the Janssen vaccine produced by the American company at makeshift vaccination camps that were set up on the Ukrainian-Hungarian border upon the initiative of Hungary’s government. 

This data has been provided by the General consulate of Hungary in Uzhhorod.

The vaccination campaign on the Ukrainian-Hungarian border lasted from July 2 through August 31.

  • As of now the campaign is not being conducted on the Ukrainian-Hungarian border.

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During July the vaccination campaign was being conducted at the checkpoints of Záhony-Chop, Barabás-Kosyno and Lónya-Dzvinkove. In August only 2 of the three checkpoints, namely Záhony-Chop and  Barabás-Kosyno, were still available for those who wanted to get vaccinated

At that period any resident of the Zakarpattia oblast under 18 could get vaccinated free of charge at the vaccination sites located close to the checkpoints on the Hungarian side. The only document that had to be shown was the household registration in the Zakarpattia oblast.

    • Read about vaccination experience on the Hungarian border in a separate article:

For Ukraine only: Hungary will keep vaccinating residents of Zakarpattia for another month. 

It should be noted that during July the same campaign was being organized by the Hungarian government on the country’s border with its other neighbors. The vaccination was available for citizens of those countries living in close proximity to the Hungarian border. The campaign was extended for August.

Moreover, these were residents of the Zakarpattia oblast who were presented with the opportunity to get vaccinated with Janssen vaccine, of which only one sufficed. Other vaccines (those that were available at that time or that were remaining)  were offered at the makeshift vaccination sites on the border with other countries.

    • After the campaign was over, the social networks abounded with comments on plastic COVID-certificates that the vaccinated residents of Zakarpattia were to have received. You can learn more about the difference of the certificates and the step-by-step guide to how one can obtain them in:

Mishmash and delays in obtaining Hungarian COVID-certificates: the full explanation

It should be noted that as of September 5 138 142 residents (11,08% of the oblast’s total population) of the Zakarpattia oblast have been vaccinated with the first vaccine dose. 88 848 residents have been fully vaccinated (7,12% of the total population). This is the official data provided by the Ukrainian authorities. The data does not include those residents of Zakapattia who have been vaccinated in Hungary.

    • In our previous materials we told you the story of an increasing demand in the third dose of vaccine (permitted by the European Medicines Agency. This is connected to the fact that in order to obtain the EU COVID-certificate (the so-called Green Card), which allows one to move freely in Europe, one has to get vaccinated by only certified vaccines, such as Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen.
    • Moreover, in Hungary a vaccination campaign among children at schools has also been conducted. 48 000 schoolchildren are due to get vaccinated. We have also carried out a research on what people living in different European countries think of the COVID-vaccination of those under 18 and what approach in this regard the Ukrainian authorities have adopted.



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